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Our Mission

“Lead India with clear footprints and not leaving mud behind you”
The youth power of India can prove to be the biggest asset for the growth of our economy and stable political support; keeping the same agenda in mind we have created Nav Yuvak Dal under the leadership of an energetic youth of India Mr. Bharat Katayan (Founder & National President). So all the youth power what are you waiting for come and join the biggest youth political party “NAV YUVAK DAL”. NYD is India’s first youth political party with the motive of spreading love peace and equality in the society. We are glad to see high interest in our initiative we will keep you informed kindly join more people for a stronger and a better tomorrow.

India is a country where political scenario has ruined the whole economy, here the economy is hampered due to politicians who are less concerned about the countries development and are more concerned about their standing in the market. Recently India has seen many economic slowdowns due to corruption by various politicians and above all the ruling party is supporting them and even trying to hide their wrong work. Politicians are ruing over the emotions of the citizens of the country, even the whole economy has been in hands of those who just feel to fill their own homes and never think about the people of the country.
Therefore, proportion of rich: poor in India is growing larger, here the rich are becoming rich and the poor are becoming poorer day by day, hence making the economy weaker. India needs leaders who can support it and could minimize the gap between the poor and rich population.

The Indian government need to understand the potential of the youths and should give chance to new faces to work for the economy and should try to increase the employment opportunities so that the talent does not go out of country to find work and prove themselves and their skills.
India needs an aggressive leader who could take the whole economy on a single track and could help develop the country as to make the economy stable and developed as India is a pool of talent and skills which needs to be nurtured, the economy does not want big promises it wants action plans, we need strong policies, legal regularities which could change the society and could take the economy to a next level of development.
We don’t want our leaders to be criminals or have some bad records , we want leaders who can work for social reforms and could lead the youth power towards the positive path and would attract the new youth leaders to put their thoughts and action plans to lead the Indian economy to a new heights.



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