There has been a lot of criticism against the government. Whatever wrong happens the first thing that happens is the criticism of government among this criticism many people criticize without proper knowledge of the issue such kind of criticism brings in more chaos and violence. It’s high to talk about such baseless criticism and accusation against the government.

Baseless criticism is so common in our country sometimes; criticism starts from a meaningful reason that actually should be done in order to show the government or any other authority our view. When it turns out to be violent, it becomes completely baseless. Just for a reminder, the government placed dustbins in several places and made proper arraignment to keep the area clean but it is not clear yet. Playing the blame game will it work? No, it won’t. Until and unless we the citizens won’t start dumping the waste in the bins, the schemes won’t work.

No doubt we should be criticizing whenever something is not in favor of society’s right but along with the right we should also know what are duties are against the nation.

“To criticize, one has to research and find proper facts. Sadly, it does not happen now. What happens instead is allegations,” Modi said in his more than 2-hour long interaction while speaking at the ‘Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath’ program at the London’s iconic Central Hall Westminster.
“I want this Government to be criticized. Criticism makes democracy strong. Democracy cannot succeed without constructive criticism,” he added.

“There is an allegation against me that there is so much criticism, but I don’t speak up. Actually, I give their criticism so much importance that I try to understand that. I try to rectify myself. My work is not to stop one from talking. That you criticize me is a goldmine for me,” he said.

There is a time when the government is not up to the mark from what we expect it to be. It is not just about the government.  It is about us. We do have the right to criticize but when this criticism leads to someone’s loss, it is no more criticism.  Choose words wisely. Only we can save the government from falling it down. Criticizing without knowing facts causes us to Support some party or person doesn’t change anything for the benefit of the nation. there is a war going on social media without any factual goons fight just cause they have supported some specific party or some member of there known belongs to a specific party, people are more self-centered and this way no one change this nation if everyone thinks of there demands and requirements only than who will think for our nation. one should keep the nation first in any condition.

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