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Media is a very powerful entity. It controls the mindset of masses. The media have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.  Also what the mass media offers is not art, its entertainment, and sometimes harsh truth which has to be engulfed. Hence, the media has to be super active to keep a sneak peek on the information and be up to date with the current situations.

Indian political scene is very volatile, and a powerful entity like media can easily shake the entire political scenario, either positively or negatively. Earlier, politicians conducted rallies in each city, and that’s how they asked for votes from the masses. They used to put up hoardings, banner, and also deliver speeches by gathering people at various locations. But now the entire political scenario is driven by social media. Politicians now gather votes easily with the help of Twitter, Facebook, making their own websites, reaching out to masses in few seconds.

Indian politics is changing and one of the biggest reasons is a dependency on social media. During the Delhi elections of 2015, the power of social media was clearly felt. AAP used the modern way to campaign no one had ever thought. They took over social media and changed the whole scenario. Be it Facebook or Twitter, Arvind Kejriwal to their grassroots worker to make sure they were available to their audience.

Even political parties have accounts, which they use to post information on political campaigns, press releases, and other news updates. Politicians now thrive on digital marketing for reaching out to the majority and for spreading their word, believe it or not, it is only social media now that can help them do that and sought the much-needed support.

The governmental websites thrive to serve people in a better way by proving them information and making it easy for them to be accessible.

So, as long as the politicians know that social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to the community, then our country is safe.


There has been a lot of criticism against the government. Whatever wrong happens the first thing that happens is the criticism of government among this criticism many people criticize without proper knowledge of the issue such kind of criticism brings in more chaos and violence. It’s high to talk about such baseless criticism and accusation against the government.

Baseless criticism is so common in our country sometimes; criticism starts from a meaningful reason that actually should be done in order to show the government or any other authority our view. When it turns out to be violent, it becomes completely baseless. Just for a reminder, the government placed dustbins in several places and made proper arraignment to keep the area clean but it is not clear yet. Playing the blame game will it work? No, it won’t. Until and unless we the citizens won’t start dumping the waste in the bins, the schemes won’t work.

No doubt we should be criticizing whenever something is not in favor of society’s right but along with the right we should also know what are duties are against the nation.

“To criticize, one has to research and find proper facts. Sadly, it does not happen now. What happens instead is allegations,” Modi said in his more than 2-hour long interaction while speaking at the ‘Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath’ program at the London’s iconic Central Hall Westminster.
“I want this Government to be criticized. Criticism makes democracy strong. Democracy cannot succeed without constructive criticism,” he added.

“There is an allegation against me that there is so much criticism, but I don’t speak up. Actually, I give their criticism so much importance that I try to understand that. I try to rectify myself. My work is not to stop one from talking. That you criticize me is a goldmine for me,” he said.

There is a time when the government is not up to the mark from what we expect it to be. It is not just about the government.  It is about us. We do have the right to criticize but when this criticism leads to someone’s loss, it is no more criticism.  Choose words wisely. Only we can save the government from falling it down. Criticizing without knowing facts causes us to Support some party or person doesn’t change anything for the benefit of the nation. there is a war going on social media without any factual goons fight just cause they have supported some specific party or some member of there known belongs to a specific party, people are more self-centered and this way no one change this nation if everyone thinks of there demands and requirements only than who will think for our nation. one should keep the nation first in any condition.


Student politics is one of the most discussed topics today. The question arises whether students should take part in political activities is a subject drawing difference of opinion.

Some say yes, they should. The positive ones quote their views as “Yes, students should actively take part in politics. Today’s generation is tomorrow’s citizens. They can sense the future better because they are the future.”

These days, we find many students actively indulging in politics. Trying to make strategies for future political influences. Politics here is now treated as an active part of the student influence. Now, a question arises, “why politics here is treated as an active part in the student field.”

The answer may be the students are young India. They are someone who decides the future of our country.  Getting indulge in politics at an early stage will give them better exposure to the political side of the country. When someone learns something on their own, they tend to learn it with more effectiveness.  It will help them to gain knowledge on their own and will be exposed to different areas of their interests as well.  After gaining knowledge students will be able to develop fine qualities like public speaking. History has witnessed the fine leaders with good speaking skills. They knew how to deliver a speech as they represented the whole country.

Training at an early stage will help the students to develop a personality. The student will get to know more than one way to serve his/her motherland.

A great say, “Politics educates youth to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanly.”

Talking about the odds of student politics, somewhere politics at the college level is a disadvantage to studies.  Politics is not some 9 to 5 job. It demands time and patience. Due to politics at the college level, certain students have started to be rebellious. Many students have started indiscipline in college and been excluded from certain educational centers. There are some political parties who are now using students for their political benefits.