Media is a very powerful entity. It controls the mindset of masses. The media have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.  Also what the mass media offers is not art, its entertainment, and sometimes harsh truth which has to be engulfed. Hence, the media has to be super active to keep a sneak peek on the information and be up to date with the current situations.

Indian political scene is very volatile, and a powerful entity like media can easily shake the entire political scenario, either positively or negatively. Earlier, politicians conducted rallies in each city, and that’s how they asked for votes from the masses. They used to put up hoardings, banner, and also deliver speeches by gathering people at various locations. But now the entire political scenario is driven by social media. Politicians now gather votes easily with the help of Twitter, Facebook, making their own websites, reaching out to masses in few seconds.

Indian politics is changing and one of the biggest reasons is a dependency on social media. During the Delhi elections of 2015, the power of social media was clearly felt. AAP used the modern way to campaign no one had ever thought. They took over social media and changed the whole scenario. Be it Facebook or Twitter, Arvind Kejriwal to their grassroots worker to make sure they were available to their audience.

Even political parties have accounts, which they use to post information on political campaigns, press releases, and other news updates. Politicians now thrive on digital marketing for reaching out to the majority and for spreading their word, believe it or not, it is only social media now that can help them do that and sought the much-needed support.

The governmental websites thrive to serve people in a better way by proving them information and making it easy for them to be accessible.

So, as long as the politicians know that social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to the community, then our country is safe.

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